HYDROBLOCK waterproof coatings

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Water proofing roof coating

 This is a transparent, waterproofing roof coating designed specifically for concrete and clay roof tiles can also be applied to wall bricks and mineral surfaces. Because of its transparency it will not alter the physical appearance of the surface.

 Hydroblock is manufactured using the latest nano technology optimising the water repellancy of the product and thereby offering superior protection against the elements.

Features water proof roof coating 

   * Waterproof and transparent

    * Can be applied to clay roof tiles and concrete roofs

    * Self-cleaning   

 Benefits water proof roof coating 

    * Repels dirt, moss and algae

    * Does not alter the appearance of your roof

    * Long life meaning your roof maintenance costs are low

    * Only one coat needed on most surfaces 

    * HydroBlock is applied to clean surfaces only.

    * Surfaces with heavy contamination of dirt, moss, lichen or pollution should be blast cleaned first.

When the surface is properly dry the Hydroblock is applied.

     * One coat is normally sufficient depending on surface porosity. If a second coat is required we have to apply within one hour of the first coat.


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