ISONIT colour roof coatings

ISONIT is a weather resistant roof coating on a 100% pure acrylate basis. The material is characterised by high covering power, trade-appropriate processing properties, as well as fast drying. ISONIT is UV and weather resistant, diffusion capable, water and dirt repellent and 197% lastingly flexible.

Before treatment, the roof is cleaned with our pressure wash system. The roof surface must be totally clean and dry. The better the roof is cleaned, the longer the effect of the paint will last. ISONIT roof coating can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. The application must only be made during a stable weather period without any risk of rain!

1. For the first treatment, the paint can be thinned with 20% water.

2. A second treatment can follow after drying.


ISOnit Roof Tile Paint Colours

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