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Moss growth on roofs has reached unprecedented levels in many parts of the country today. It creates a dull and dirty appearance which can reduce the value of your home. Roofing materials like tiles, slates, cement and asbestos all become dull and weakened by moss growth. Even the thinnest layer is a problem because it acts like a sponge, absorbing water, which increases the weight and stress on the roof, shortening its productive life. Frost damage is another problem when there is moss on your roof as it can push the tiles up and crack them allowing water into your home to cause further damage.


Much of today’s unprecedented spread of roof moss can be traced to the Clean Air Act which reduced the output of Sulphur  (poisonous to moss) into the atmosphere via coal and fossil burning power stations, or domestic fires and unleaded fuel. Moss which would have been previously killed off by this sulphur in the atmosphere now requires direct action to prevent its spread. (where hydro roof clean come in).

Roof cleaning measures such as pressure washing removes the moss/algae/lichen/fungi/spores. It is a messy job but we clean up all the mess and remove it from site afterwords, Pressure blasting the moss/lichen/algae/fungi/spores is a temporary solution which would need to be repeated say maybe every 3-5yrs. remember these living organisms have been living and multiplying for millions of years and they can adapt to almost any environment so this procedure does nothing to kill the spores that created the moss. what it does is it simply removes all the moss/algae/lichen/spores from the roof to give you a clean new looking roof area.

After we have blasted the unsightly living organisms from your roof we then proceed with the second part of our service which is the prevention from the organisms returning. 

Our Copper Ridge Fix System is the best and most natural solution to roof moss, algae and lichen. A unique product manufactured in the uk—it consists of a copper strip of 99.9% pure copper which is fitted in one two and three metre lengths along the roof ridge by stainless steel fittings.

When our system is fitted on a clean roof the Copper Ridge Fix will prevent moss returning by the exposure to air and water which causes the copper to oxidise, creating Copper Sulphate which then runs down the length of your roof in the rain water. This is deadly to moss spores and will therefore keep your roof free from moss. This effect is obvious under copper overflow pipes or flashings around chimneys. just look around some of the buildings where you live like churches as they have a lot of copper or lead used you will see no sign of any moss/algae/lichen/spores.

Copper Ridge Fix—is the low cost, natural alternative to repetitive and dangerous roof cleaning, or using heavy chemicals, using copper ridge line will put an end to moss, algae and lichen on your roof.

We are doing our company out of work by doing this Copper Ridge Fix procedure but we feel with most of the homes in the uk covered in moss we think we will have enough work to last us..